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Family-based Immigration

A DNA test is requested to provide proof of a family relationship (e.g., paternity, maternity, siblingship) that is the basis for an immigration case when the paper documentation is missing or found insufficient to support the application.

If a DNA test was recommended by the Canadian Embassy or Lawyer for your immigration case, a copy of the written request is the first thing we need to get started. It typically contains the following:
  • Your file/case number
  • The names of the persons to be tested
  • The type of relationship to be tested
Please call us at 1-877-777-4004 and a personal consultant will be assigned to work with you to complete the requirements for DNA testing. Once we receive a minimum deposit, the process will be as follows:
  1. We contact the individual(s) based in Canada or the U.S.A to arrange a DNA sample collection appointment. A buccal (cheek swab) is the preferred sample for DNA testing.
  2. We send a DNA testing kit to the requesting office in foreign country. They will arrange DNA sample collection for the beneficiaries.
  3. The DNA analysis is performed at our AABB-accredited laboratory once all samples are received.
  4. We will send a copy of your reports to the desired destination.

You will need 2 pieces of government issue I.D and 2 current photos of each individual person who will be participating in the test.
Family-based Immigration
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