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DNA Maternity Test

Why do people need Maternity tests?
There are many different reasons people need to determine Maternity, a few of the following are usually the main reasons.

Some mothers who have had a child through in vitro fertilization want to ensure that the the correct embryo was used for implantation.

Adult children who were put up for adoption often search for their biological mothers. Once found, most reunited mother child pairs choose to conduct a DNA maternity test to ensure that the correct mother and child have been reunited.

After birth, babies often all look very similar. There are sometimes situations where hospital staff believe that they may have mixed up the tags on the babies and wish to ensure maternity.

Also in the case of missing children being reunited with their parents, if it has been several years, often a maternity test is need to ensure the child's identity.

A maternity test works similarly to a paternity test. DNA samples are taken from both the mother and the child and the genetic profiles are compared for a match. The DNA test is done through buccal swabbing ( a mouth swab) and the saliva is tested.
DNA Maternity Test

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