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DNA Forensic Testing

Whether you just want to confirm the gender of a DNA sample donor, or Substitute a sample for DNA analysis testing with a sample that is more readily available, Paternity Testing Centres of Canada can extract and analyze the material to get the results you need. These specific types of DNA testing typically provide conclusive results. Paternity Testing Centres of Canada can also run powerful DNA Comparative analyses to identify the initial DNA source.

Forensic testing is a type of DNA Profile.
Although 99% of human DNA make up is similar in every person, enough of the DNA is different, and specifically unique to each person to be able to distinguish one individual from another. Much like a finger print, everyones DNA make up is specific to them, and there for it is the best way to determine things.

Forensic testing cost is $250.00 and up. Please call 1-877-777-4004 to get more information in each individual case.

SampleGeneral CommentsPackaging CommentsSuccess Rate
Collected swab sampleBuccal (oral cheek swab) samples for genetic comparison to non-standard samplesShip as indicated on instructions99%
Blood (whole)Medical blood draw in Vacutainer TubeShip in original tube99%
Blood stainsBand Aids, tampons, blood tissuesShip in proper envelope75%
Cigarette butts2 to 4 ButtsShip in proper envelope65%
ClothingHats, underwear, bandanaShip in paper bag50%
Dental flossDo not touch floss with your fingersShip in paper envelope75%
Ear waxCotton swab or Q-tipShip in paper envelope75%
Electric razor clippingsPlace in paper envelopeShip in paper envelope50%
GumDo not touch gum with your fingers. Sugar-free gum is preferredShip in plastic zip-lock bag75%
HairRoots or follicles must be attached. Hair from a brush or comb may not work. Need at least 6-10 hairsShip in plastic zip-lock bag80%
Nails (finger/toe)Freshly cut nails work bestShip in plastic zip-lock bag75%
RazorsPlace razor in a paper envelopeShip in paper envelope40%
Sperm/SemenCondoms, undergarments, clothing, Liquid semen: absorb suspected semen sample onto a clean cotton swab. Air-dry the swab for 1 hour. Dried semen stains: absorb semen stain onto a clean cotton swab moistened with distilled water. Air-dryShip in paper envelope90%
ToothbrushAir-dry the toothbrush for 30-60 minutesShip in paper envelope75%
ToothpickDo not touch the toothpick with your fingers.Ship in paper envelope65%
Used HandkerchiefNasal Mucous. Place in paper envelopeShip in paper envelope95%
Used KleenexNasal Mucous. Place in paper envelopeShip in paper envelope90%